Safety begins and ends with our employees

June through August is the peak time of year when our industry typically sees increases in employee injuries. To combat that trend, Ingersoll Rand is proud to engage again in its “100 Days of Safety” campaign!


100 Days of Safety is an annual event celebrated June, July and August (~100 days) and is designed to educate employees and prevent on- and off-the-job incidents to break the cycle of increased accidents. Ingersoll Rand’s Environmental, Health and Safety team created the campaign in an effort to promote a culture of safety, belonging and inclusion, and features a topic of focus each month:

100 Days of Safety

  • Ergonomics is the important study of people’s efficiency in their working environment to ensure the safe execution of routine tasks to avoid subtle but serious, chronic injuries.
  • Kindness, the ultimate expression of respect, fosters personal well-being and promotes trusting conversations about risks, hazards and concerns.
  • Global health has never been more top of mind than it has been the past 15 months during the global COVID-19 pandemic as we all strive to make personal safety a priority for the benefit of our families, community, customers and company.


Ingersoll Rand employees are encouraged to embrace 100 Days of Safety as an opportunity to solidify the company’s values while proactively mitigating and removing hazards. Ingersoll Rand celebrates its safety-conscious employees for producing mission-critical, high-quality products for our customers in a manner that protects themselves and their fellow team members.