Power Generation

Compressors provide reliable operation for a wide variety of applications, including starting and purging air, cooling turbines and reactor cores, nitrous oxide treatment, fuel gas boosting, desulphurization and soot blowing. 

Air and cordless power tools provide the work to get work done, whether it’s for overhauling turbines, repairing pressure vessels, maintaining scrubbers or on site construction.

And our hoists, winches and support structures will effectively move materials through your plant for fossil fuel, nuclear power, renewable energy or gas turbine power applications. We help you meet changing grid demands, implement complex system upgrades, improve efficiency and meet the planet's growing need for smarter power generation.

Expert Brands


Ingersoll Rand

Air compressor systems, power tools and material handling equipment are utilized in every facet of the power generation industry… and Ingersoll Rand has the reliable and durable solutions that you need. We are a diversified industrial manufacturer, with market-leading brands serving customers in global commercial, industrial and residential markets.
Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver

An industry supplier for more than 70 years, we have enabled power stations to adapt quickly to changing market and environmental requirements. We provide proven application expertise and the latest pumping and flow control technologies to lead plants through changing grid demands, implement complex system upgrades, improve energy efficiency and meet the planet's growing need for smarter power generation.

Hoffman & Lamson

Our line of Industrial Vacuum Systems and Multistage Centrifugal Blowers, as well as other products, represent the highest quality workmanship, using the finest materials and state-of-the-art machining tools in the industry.


We have been supplying efficient and reliable vacuum systems to the electric power industry worldwide for more than 50 years. These vacuum systems can improve power station heat rates and provide economical solutions for environmental requirements.

Milton Roy

Power plants require a variety of chemicals throughout the facility to enable or optimize processes. Our metering pumps and packages are highly reliable with a proven track record of effective chemical delivery and consistent performance.


Our quality piston pumps and fluid regulators are ideal for conveying the sealants and adhesives used in solar module manufacturing processes, as well as the silicone adhesives and sealants used in frame sealing and rail bonding.


Improper chemical treatment of cooling towers can lead to unplanned downtime. For power generation plants, this is not an option. With a comprehensive selection of metering pumps and controllers, we can ensure that the metering pump and package match facility specifications and requirements for maximum optimization.