Pulp, Paper and Printing

We provide engineered solutions tailored to the paper processing industries for a variety of applications including drying, forming and paper handling that are efficient, reliable and cost effective. Our range well known industry brands, including Runtech, Elmo Rietschle and Nash, work across the industry in Pulp and Paper production and printing. We perform comprehensive on-site audits to better understand operational challenges and potential opportunities for improvements in air systems. We then provide experts advice, solutions and aftermarket care to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and ensure high quality, reliable air supply.

Expert Brands


Our patented solutions include energy efficient vacuum system and heat recovery optimization, runnability optimization, dewatering, doctoring and cleanliness optimization as well as ropeless tail threading


For almost 100 years we have supplied the paper industry with reliable vacuum pumps, compressors, and engineered systems for paper production and water removal for paper machines. Our products require minimal maintenance and keep your process running smoothly, even under the industry's demanding conditions.

Ingersoll Rand

The paper making industry relies on oil-free air compressor to help to produce the highest quality paper possible, free of contamination. Our oil-free air compressors help manufacturers drastically cut down on high operating temperatures, poor moisture control as well as energy consumption.
Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver

We offer leading compressed air solutions for all applications in the pulp & paper and printing industry. Class 0 certified clean air guarantees high quality paper and pulp end products.

Elmo Rietschle

Trusted by some of biggest names in printing to provide stable and reliable vacuum and low pressure air for a wide range pre-press, press and post-press applications with millions of machines installed worldwide.


Our automated chemical dosers operate on a volumetric proportioning principle to achieve consistent chemical mixture results regardless of changes in pressure or flow. Dosers are also water-powered, using the water already in use in your printing processes to operate. The end results are a more accurate chemistry mix and reduced energy, chemical and labor costs.



We perform comprehensive on-site paper machine audits that enable the identification of production problems in the paper machine. We will give you valuable information and recommendations how to improve your process and decrease energy consumption.

Pneumatic conveying

Compressed air systems for pressure conveyance or vacuum systems for suction transport systems can be used for pneumatic transport of pulp and wastepaper.

Drying & cooling

Blown air is used to cool the paper after it is pressed. Pure air is required as any contaminates will pollute and spoil the end product.

Wastewater treatment

The pulp and paper manufacturing process require large volumes of water. Therefore plants are commonly situated next to a water source. The water extracted to be used in processes has to be cleaned of minerals, bacteria and other contaminants before it can be used in the manufacturing process.

Air motor & air knife

Air knives deliver a continuous flow of high velocity air to remove moisture and debris. A reliable supply of low pressure air is required for successful operation.


Vacuum is required for a variety of applications in the pre-press area, including preparing images and film for scanning or exposure and for copying printing plates. There are also many applications where over-pressure is needed as well, such as for guiding plates or film in automatic systems.

Paper handling

In classic sheet fed offset presses, vacuum and overpressure is always needed for paper handling; at the feeder to separate the sheets, to feed the single sheets to the different colour-aggregates or to guide the sheets through the machine.

Folding, Cutting & Binding

In post press processes blowers are used in folding and cutting machines, whilst combined pressure and vacuum pumps and individual vacuum pumps and compressors are used in collating and book-binding machines.