Ingersoll Rand Inclusion Group Leads Black History Month Celebrations

Ingersoll Rand is honoring Black achievements and culture during Black History Month this February. The month-long celebration includes special guest speakers, forum discussions, a poetry and art contest and trivia.

On February 18, the Black Employee Network (BEN) inclusion group at Ingersoll Rand hosted a virtual session for all group members and employees: Mentoring and Performance Management Planning with Ingersoll Rand Board of Directors member Marc Jones and CEO Vicente Reynal. Black Employee Network member and volunteer Kulema McKoy facilitated the discussion and BEN executive sponsor, Chief Financial Officer Vik Kini, provided closing statements to attendees.


The purpose of the Black Employee Network (BEN) is to make Ingersoll Rand a great place to work for employees of African descent through recruitment, development, retention and networking opportunities. They seek to provide employees with resources through strategic initiatives, such as hosting speakers to discuss topics ranging from mentoring, career development and others relevant to the BEN network.


Marc Jones, who is a member of the Ingersoll Rand Board of Directors and CEO and chairman of Aeris Communications, and Vicente Reynal, chairman, president and CEO of Ingersoll Rand, participated in a discussion about developing techniques to cultivate professional relationships through mentoring and how to craft performance management plans to meet developmental goals.

  • "The source of some of the best ideas are from people who see things differently than you do," Marc Jones said about the importance of diversity of thought and contributions to propel businesses to success.
  • “Never underestimate the power a mentor can give to an individual who doesn't realize their potential,” Vicente Reynal said, speaking passionately to attendees about the importance and responsibility of mentors and leaders.

The Black Employee Network is one of four inclusion groups at Ingersoll Rand. In celebration of Black History Month, BEN teamed up with two other inclusion groups, Women’s Inclusion Group (WInG) and the Veterans Inclusion Group, as well as Jenny Clemente, Ingersoll Rand’s global director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, to offer programs and events.

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