UK Tow & Show Tour Connects with Customers

Ingersoll Rand aspires to be connected for life with its customers and embraces the responsibility that comes with that. Living up to one of the company’s core values of “We are committed to making our customers successful,” the Ingersoll Rand CompAir Portable Compressors team left on a mission: eight weeks of touring throughout the United Kingdom with its Turboscrew compressor to connect with customers.


During the tour, the team visited 82 key customers, demonstrating the advantages of the product: the Turboscrew is the world’s only high-pressure towable compressor in its class. In addition to its portability, its benefits include the ability to save users up to 20% of lifetime costs by using 30% less fuel consumption than a conventional compressor. Furthermore, the patented turbo boost increases the compressor air intake and delivers more energy than other technologies.


Creating connections through live product demonstration


Taking the product on the road allowed Ingersoll Rand to connect with existing and new customers, who could see the compressor in action. “I can’t believe how quiet the compressor is,” said one customer, “we were expecting it to be noisy.” Another appreciated the door-to-door service saying, “It’s a great advantage for us to be able to see the compressor at our site.” The team carried out detailed demonstrations of the product and had the chance to answer technical questions, as well as engage in conversations about the numerous benefits of partnering with Ingersoll Rand.


“The tour has cemented my belief that getting your product in front of a customer makes the exchange much more engaging,” commented Colin Mander, European business line director leading the Portable team. “It has been refreshing to meet up with old and new customers that we have seen less of in recent times due to COVID-19. Taking the product to the customer is the future, which enables us to actually show all its features. As a team, we are looking forward to following up on these visits, staying engaged, and keeping our products in the forefront of our customers’ minds.”


Visiting our Women Inclusion Group in Redditch


The final of the 82 visits was a bit different: the team visited Ingersoll Rand’s Redditch, United Kingdom, manufacturing facility to present the product at an internal event organized by the UK Women Inclusion Group.


“In line with our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals to build a culture of belonging and supporting diversity in the workplace, we continually strive to offer training opportunities to our team, and this event was a great hands-on learning opportunity for more than 50 attendees,” said Becki Savin, Ingersoll Rand’s UK Women Inclusion Group leader.


Ingersoll Rand thanks and congratulates the UK Portable team for executing such a valuable tour, living the Ingersoll Rand values and, once more, showing its customers that they can lean on the company for essential, vital and mission critical solutions.