Leading Sustainably: 2023 Better Project Award for Water Reduction

The Better Project Award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Initiative recognizes outstanding accomplishments in energy, water and waste projects at individual facilities.


We are proud to share that our Sheboygan, Wisconsin, facility has been awarded the 2023 Better Project Award for its Aluminum Die Casting Water Reduction Project.

Through this project, our Sheboygan facility achieved a more than 23% reduction in absolute water consumption by implementing a combination of water efficiency projects, including the installation of a water circulation temperature control system.

This control system enables operators to adjust the amount of water used to cool the hydraulics for the trim press, the hydraulic ram and the aluminum die itself.

In addition, the project reduced water use intensity by more than 80% in select pilot die casting equipment and contributed to a corresponding drop in Ingersoll Rand’s global absolute water consumption of 12%.


Congratulations to everyone who made this accomplishment possible! This is a great step towards our 2030 goal of reducing the water usage in our operations by 17% as part of our commitment to leading sustainably. Learn more about our ESG focus here.