Korea TV Profiles Valued IR ARO Distributor

“There are no agencies that do business so tremendously and passionately,” said Mike Lee, Precision Science and Technologies (PST) commercial leader for North Asia. “The distributor is one of the top performers—and Caris is at the top of growth, sales and passion for Ingersoll Rand.” 

Caris Co., Ltd., one of Ingersoll Rand’s PST channel partners and top performing pump sales company for its ARO brand, appeared on SBS Biz channel on a popular television program in Korea dedicated to profiling successful business cases. Kim Du Man, owner of Caris, appeared on the show and shared his business philosophies for running a well-known air pump sales company. Ingersoll Rand’s Mike Lee was also interviewed as part of the program on behalf of ARO.


In the episode, Kim shared the success story of how Caris is growing with ARO and emphasized Caris and ARO’s mutual commitment to providing mission-critical solutions to customers and building a long-term connection to help make customers successful. 

“I go back to the promise to my customers,” said Kim while discussing the importance of building trust with customers by providing accurate lead times and quality, on-site repair service.

In addition to earning trust and ensuring customer satisfaction, Kim insists on constantly improving service capabilities for Caris’s customers with ARO’s help. They use dynamic inventory management to ensure accurate delivery commitments, prepare new warehouses and buildings for future service, and improve technical support to help customers solve complex problems.

Ingersoll Rand is proud to partner with Caris Co., Ltd. The companies’ values are very similar, which makes for a powerful partnership; both have a passion for serving our mutual customers with expertise and integrity.