Ingersoll Rand Employees Unite for Earth Day

Each year for Earth Day, Ingersoll Rand employees from around the globe unite to give back to our shared plant and, in 2022, they volunteered over 1,500 hours to their communities and Mother Earth. During the month of April more than 1,300 employees acted locally and thought globally with a variety of communal activities, including planting trees, collecting waste, conserving energy and more.

Driven to action behind this year’s theme to “Invest in Our Planet,” Ingersoll Rand employees across six continents spent the day making the following contributions*:

  • 3,791 trees planted
  • 975.2536 kWH saved
  • 3,252 pounds of waste collected (1,472 pounds of which was recycled)


In addition to Ingersoll Rand’s award-winning sustainability programs, practices and products, employees are empowered and encouraged to find ways to Make Life Better for their fellow co-workers, customers and communities.


2022 Earth Day Spotlight

Led by local Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) leaders, Ingersoll Rand launched a company-wide campaign that provided meaningful ways all its locations could participate. Each idea or task tied into the company’s 2030 and 2050 Environmental Goals, which includes net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050.

Just some of this year’s impressive Earth Day achievements from Ingersoll Rand include:

  • Tampere, Finland employees planted 960 trees.
  • Schopfheim, Germany employees planted 505 trees.
  • Campbellsville, Kentucky employees planted 400 trees.
  • Naroda, India employees distributed over 300 tree saplings.
  • Wuxi, China employees planted 15 cherry trees and eight Chinese rose bushes on property.
  • Mocksville, North Carolina employees collected 740 lbs of waste.
  • Kirchhain, Germany employees collected 235 lbs of waste.
  • Locations across the globe turned off 1,378 lightbulbs and conserved 143 hours of energy. Davidson, North Carolina employees worked with EarthShare NC to prepare land for spring planting.
  • Bad Neustadt, Germany held a Bike Day, repairing bicycles and promoting gas-free transportation.

Ingersoll Rand applauds its employees for their 2022 Earth Day contributions and, above all else, for the team’s continued commitment to be good stewards of our environment.

*totals as of May 20, 2022 with additional contributions to be calculated