Digitalization Driving Sustainability: Product Documentation Over the Air

Sustainability is and has always been a top priority at SEEPEX. In addition to our energy-efficient product portfolio, we are constantly working on optimizing our own consumption of ecologically critical resources.

Previously, each SEEPEX pump was accompanied by a printed copy of the order-specific Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual (IOM), which averaged at 240 pages. Together, the documentation and digital teams set out to improve this situation. By scanning the QR code on any pump's nameplate, the matching IOMs can now be accessed using the SEEPEX Service Point app – as often as required, with the latest revisions and without any barriers for the end user. 

Reducing our ecological impact and improving economic efficiency

Utilizing this technology, SEEPEX has been able to change the IOM printing process significantly. While still delivering a concise physical installation manual with safety instructions in some countries, digital IOMs have already been dispensed at multiple SEEPEX sites, which will realize an annual reduction of 6 million sheets of paper, 66 metric tons of wood, 1.5 million liters of water, 150,000 kWh of electricity and 60 metric tons of CO2. This successful process is already rolling out to many other Ingersoll Rand brands and plants across the globe. 


Making our customers successful

Enabling the machines with unique QR codes also makes life better for our customers. End users gain a direct line to the manufacturer, facilitating qualified parts and service requests and providing an important pathway for future end-customer-focused digital services. In turn, end customers can be identified based on phone location data when the QR code is scanned, which provides valuable information to our Demand Generation teams. 

The successful digitalization of the IOMs at SEEPEX clearly shows one thing: The consistent use of digital technologies will be a key driver for ecologically sustainable growth at Ingersoll Rand. Learn more about our environmental goals and sustainability initiatives here.