Change Begins with Me

Leaning into change together

2020 has brought a lot of change, some good and some bad: as we united as a new Ingersoll Rand, a global pandemic has created work and lifestyle disruptions, and civil unrest has resulted in protests and debates. Adapting to any “new normal” can cause confusing feelings as we try to balance our hope and optimism with natural feelings of anxiety and stress.

In order to face these current challenges and better prepare for future change situations, our Human Resources’ Diversity and Inclusion team introduced a new series of virtual discussions called “Lean into Change.” These conversations serve as a safe space for employees to share their stories with one another, learn from each other’s perspectives and get through challenges together. They are designed to help us appreciate our diverse viewpoints and provide tools and ideas to live our purpose to lean on us to help you make life better.

First steps

We’ve launched this initiative in response to the recent occurrences of civil unrest in the United States. Invitees to Lean into Change: Racism in America were encouraged to view the video series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, hosted by Emmanuel Acho, prior to attending. Then, facilitators and employees from our Davidson, North Carolina, headquarters campus, connected virtually for their own conversations.

“Participants demonstrated willingness and vulnerability,” said Ronovan Hooker, financial analyst and co-facilitator of the event. “While it might have been difficult to share hard experiences or hear what a coworker has experienced, through Lean into Change, we created a safe space for all to contribute, listen and learn from one another.“


Conversations to encourage community

“I found it inspirational and helpful. This was a great first step to open the lines of communications for honest personal assessment and desire to be part of the solution,” stated one of the many comments received from post-event feedback.

Through these sessions, we want to reinforce our support to the needs of our employees and illustrate our commitment to community and inclusion. Our world is changing rapidly and we want to be on the forefront of efforts to ensure those changes are positive ones. Dedicating the time and resources for further conversations on such large social issues will help us accomplish this important goal.

Strong Pillars

Our company values are the strong pillars behind our commitment to our employees, customers and communities. In particular, we invite those who work with us to look inward and lean on us to help make life better. At Ingersoll Rand, we make every effort to ensure fair treatment of those who work with us and to cultivate a universal sense of inclusion, belonging and respect. We are committed to learning, listening and supporting everyone who works for and with us.

Join us and let’s all engage and lean into change.