Bolton, England, Team Donates Monetary Award to Gambian Needs

In December 2021, Ingersoll Rand’s Bolton service team, based in Bolton, England, donated £500 to their colleague’s, Musa Jobarteh, UK-based charity called The Gambian Needs. Musa and his wife, Aminah, founded The Gambian Needs charity in August 2020 with the aim to feed and help the poor in The Gambia. Located in West Africa, The Gambia, has approximately two million people but is also one of the poorest countries in the world. With the £500 donation, the charity can help families in need and start to make a difference in The Gambia’s local communities.

Leaning on each other to make life better

The Bolton service team receives £250 per quarter from Ingersoll Rand when they exceed their environmental, health and safety (EHS) goals. With two quarters of payment saved up, the team chose to donate their money to a charity and Musa’s The Gambian Needs was selected as the recipient.

Thanks to the Bolton service team, and their focus on Making Life Better, The Gambian Needs charity received 70 bags of rice (25kg each) to distribute to 70 people including, orphans, widows, poor and needy. Each bag will feed a family of four for two weeks. Rice was chosen for the donation as it is a staple food in The Gambia and the people consume it daily.

On December 21, 2021, Ingersoll Rand coordinated for the Gambia Radio & Television Service (GRTS) to report on the rice donation event. GRTS shared their gratitude of Ingersoll Rand and The Gambian Needs’ generosity and continuous support of the community.

Employee engagement in action

Since the initial donation to The Gambian Needs, the entire UK sales team has continued to collect for the charity. Across the entire team, they have donated hundreds of items of clothing that were delivered and distributed to The Gambia by Musa the week of January 17.


The collection continues to grow, and they hope to send another large donation soon. What started as one team member’s goal of feeding and helping the poor in The Gambia has now turned into a whole team effort.

The Bolton service team and the UK sales team have shown their commitment to thinking and acting like owners as illustrated by their social responsibility to make life better for those in need.