Announcing the Asian Inclusion Group


May is Asian Heritage Month, and we are proud to launch the new Asian Inclusion Group (AIG). AIG will help Ingersoll Rand employees connect and engage throughout the year through events and activities around the world. Asians represent a vast group of people across a wide range of countries, and the AIG provides an environment to recognize, share and celebrate the many different Asian employees’ cultures at Ingersoll Rand. The mission of AIG is to create unity within diversity while fostering awareness, support, and developmental growth.

Creating Advancement and Community

AIG is focused on advancement through networking, mentoring and career development. AIG will partner with leaders throughout the company and engage with members of other inclusion groups, leading to stronger personal and professional networks.

In North America, AIG strives to increase representation of Asians throughout the organization. Asians are one of the underrepresented talent groups in Ingersoll Rand, with opportunities to reflect the demographics of the communities in which our offices are located. AIG will achieve this by active engagement in the local community and represent Ingersoll Rand in national Asian organizations such as ASCEND.

"I am really excited to be part of the Asian Inclusion Group,” said Mark Xu, plant manager of West Chester/ZEKS and sponsor of Asian Inclusion Group. “I have full confidence that the inclusion group will improve the group engagement and sense of belonging. The Asian population will continuously grow in the U.S., and AIG will be a great source of talent to support the company’s sustained growth. The diverse, equitable and inclusive culture will make Ingersoll Rand an attractive workplace for the Asian community,”

Join AIG for Fun and More

AIG will create a sense of belonging through the celebration of the various holidays, such as Lunar New Year, Diwali, Eid al Adha, and Holi. By recognizing and helping team members celebrate these important cultural heritage events, we can all learn more about each other while having tons of fun.

“We want to foster awareness of these cultures through the celebration of heritage holidays while also offering a means of support in career development for our Asian employees,” shared Minh Frenzel, centrifugal aftermarket parts leader for Industrial Technologies and Services – Americas and co-chair of AIG.

The Asian Inclusion Group is for Asians and allies alike. Everyone at Ingersoll Rand has a network of coworkers, friends and maybe even family of Asian descent. Joining AIG is a way to show them support and learn more about their cultures and heritage through this inclusion group. For those in the Charlotte, North Carolina, region, the Ingersoll Rand dragon boat race team will reunite again this year for fun and cultural celebration.