Making life better through zero emission hydrogen technologies
As an energy carrier, hydrogen can play a significant role in energy security, carbon reduction and economic growth.  As governments, businesses and energy consumers continue to recognize the need for net-zero emissions, deployment and investments in hydrogen are accelerating rapidly.

Hydrogen can be produced from renewable sources and has the potential to decarbonize a range of sectors, enabling us to Operate Sustainably, firmly establishing hydrogen as a key component in the energy transition.



Hydrogen use today is dominated by industry, oil refining, ammonia production, methanol production and steel production. Virtually all of this hydrogen is supplied using fossil fuels, so there is significant potential for emissions reductions from clean hydrogen.


Hydrogen, when used as a transport fuel, not only offers a way to decarbonize road transport, but can create local economic growth, improves work-force skills, diversify the energy solution and improve the environment.


In power generation, hydrogen is one of the leading options for supporting renewable energy and ensuring efficient energy generation.


Hydrogen is a low-carbon alternative to natural gas that can provide heating and hot water to homes and domestic properties via the familiarity of a boiler.
 Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of domestic resources, such as natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, and renewable power like solar and wind. These qualities make it an attractive fuel option for transportation and electricity generation applications. It can be used in cars, in houses, for portable power, and in many more applications.

 Hydrogen Mobility

Hydrogen mobility projects are accelerating around the world. These are combining the efforts of industry and government to plan the introduction of fleets of vehicles and refueling stations to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen as a fuel and contribute to achieving international climate goals.





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Our solutions

Ingersoll Rand businesses have expertise spanning the whole hydrogen value chain. This includes hydrogen refuelling station supplier Haskel, industrial gas specialists Reavell and fuel cell primary air supply and anode recirculation compressors from Thomas.

Ingersoll Rand is commitment to developing hydrogen technologies that support more sustainable, flexible, and affordable hydrogen refueling

Haskel Hydrogen Systems, an Ingersoll Rand business, supports global refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen mobility.

Solutions include:

  • Complete hydrogen refuelling stations
  • System components
  • Compression technology
  • Valves and fittings
  • After market support

Reavell’s compressor range supports hydrogen cylinder filling for industrial applications and generator cooling for power generation. Both the air and water cooled range use Reavell’s high pressure piston technology and with downstream filtration can achieve down to 0.05ppm in the delivery gas stream.

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Making life better for generations to come by investing in hydrogen technologies