Government and Military

In an industry that continuously pushes technology to its absolute limits, Ingersoll Rand pumps play a critical role in handling and transferring fluids for military applications, including the delivery of high-pressure gas and liquid transfer and pressurization solutions to aircraft manufacturers and military bases around the world.

Municipalities must provide safe potable water and effectively dispose of wastewater while complying with regulatory requirements. Ingersoll Rand metering pumps and packages safely and accurately deliver a wide range of chemical additives such as coagulants, filter aids, disinfectants, flocculants, oxidants, pH conditioners, softening agents, taste and odor controls, de-chlorination chemicals, and many more. Our highly-reliable dosing pumps are designed to assure plant operators of extended pump life cycles, minimal downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Electronic fuel injection engines provide better support no matter if you're hauling a group of eight people or a half-ton of equipment. This means our diesel, gas and electric utility vehicles provide a smoother ride for your guests, are more durable for your workforce and take it easy on your bottom line.