Our air compressor packages are custom built and shipped with all components. Our tailored air compressors are ready for operation, flexible, easy to integrate into any process



Our compressed air systems utilize the latest technology to provide energy efficient solutions with low life-cycle costs. Air purity is attained by meeting strict international standards that can only be achieved with filtration, water separation and drying. The use of clean dry compressed air ensures high levels of reliability, and guarantees that quality standards are met and production costs are reduced.




How Engineered Air Compressors Packages Work

How Engineered Air Compressors Packages Work Engineered Air Compressors Packages are air systems that convert power into compressed air using an electric motor. The air compressor package is used for compressing the atmospheric air and supplying this compressed air to the air dryer. Compressors, dryers, filters, receivers, coolers, and control systems provide air to different parts of a plant. Some of these parts are essential to keeping the plant running and safe. These packages are engineered and designed to meet any customer requirements, capable of producing the right amount of quality air required by users.


Instrument Air Packages. All-in-one Air System

IA and SA packages generally consist of compressors, dryers, filters, receivers, coolers, and control systems that work together to provide reliable (and often critical) air to a variety of plant consumers. Any equipment or system used needs to be properly designed, and able to produce the right amount of quality air required.

Components Of The Typical Package:

  • Air Compressors.
  • Air Dryers
  • Air Filters
  • Air Receivers
  • Coolers
  • Control Systems
  • Coolers

All components are tested and pre-commissioned to work as one system. Ingersoll Rand also provides some complete service solutions, including spare parts and completed maintenance programs.


What are the benefits of Custom Air Compressors Packages?

Custom air compressor packages offer many benefits to customers, including a wide range of applications and a tailored solution:

  • Plug & Play Custom Air Systems. A complete custom air compression system that is ready to use, including air treatment equipment, a nitrogen generator, booster, and all necessary tanks, controllers, and ancillary equipment. This can be mounted in a compact skid, in a shelter, or directly in your facility, depending on requirements.
  • Meet the most demanding technical requirements. A wide variety of options can be customized to meet even the most demanding customer requirements. Every machine can therefore reflect the particular requirement of each customer

o Outdoor Installation o HAT (55oC ambient temperature)

o MV Motors

o ATEX Certified Motors

o PLC Control Panels o Special Instrumentation

o ATEX Certification (Zone 2)

o Coolers Design and Materials (Sea Water Cooling)

o Inlet Filters for Ambient Desert Conditions

o Air Ducts & Heaters for Low Ambient Temperatures

o Stainless Steel Canopies o API 618, API 619 And API 672 Compliant Equipment

o Turnkey Installations: air compressor skid package, in a container or supply of system components


  • Designed in accordance with customer specifications and applicable ISO/ API standards and to major international codes and standards. 
  • Small footprint: all components are fitted onto one compact compression skid or in another installation according to unique needs. Compact design.
  • Energy-efficient - these machines produce less heat and conserve more energy than other technologies.
  • Continuous operation - capable of continuous airflow and pressure. They can operate consistently with little to no downtime.
  • Operate in the most extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Between -47º to 55ºC. The air-cooled compressor packages are designed to operate in temperatures of up to 55°C, working under harsh conditions such as outdoor or indoor, refineries, deserts and sandy environments.
Custom Air Compressor System