Bold Aspirations: The Power of Values on Growth and Success

CEO Vicente Reynal is Keynote Speaker at Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Conference

Today there are only 16 Hispanic CEOs in the entire S&P 500, only 3 percent compared to the 20 percent of the Latinx population in the United States. Ingersoll Rand CEO Vicente Reynal reflected on his roots in Puerto Rico and the values that led to his professional success as a keynote speaker at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) conference November 9-12, 2021. With more than 6,000 students and young professionals attending the conference, Ingersoll Rand’s values, culture and technical expertise were on full display as Vicente and the Ingersoll Rand team interacted with young professionals and students, discovering top diverse talent within engineering careers.

Embrace Your Roots

The SHPE conference is the largest gathering of Hispanics in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and Vicente is no stranger to SHPE’s academic, career and networking opportunities. Vicente was a student member of the Georgia Institute of Technology chapter as an engineering student and described his guiding principles and key milestones during the keynote speech.

Coming from humble origins, Vicente shared how hard work and perseverance allowed him to graduate top of his class, despite all the odds. Focusing on the quality of learning experiences and not job titles enabled him to lead with humility, while continuing to be bold in his aspirations. Vicente emphasize how our Purpose and Values guide our company to enable us to help our customers make life better.

“It’s a flywheel. Once you start, you see the positive impact you can create. Always try to achieve more and help others in return,” shared Vicente. “Never forget the impact you create on others as leaders, many times without knowing. It is how you lead by example and how you act that creates memories.”   


Purposeful Influence

Vicente’s speech was one of several memorable talks led by the Ingersoll Rand team. The Ingersoll Rand SHPE participants, including business experts, Human Resources leaders and members of the Hispanic/Latinx Organization for Leadership and Advancement (HOLA) inclusion group had a firm commitment to represent our company’s culture and brand with the conference attendees. During the career fair, leaders connected, interviewed and identified potential opportunities for open roles and programs, such as the sales development program. Conversations and resume reviews with the young professionals help build a strategic diverse talent pipeline targeting Ingersoll Rand’s business priorities, aligned with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals.


Remain Humble While Always Learning

Titi Sule and Carlos Uribe led a successful Tech Talk session on Digitization through Sustainability, which attracted participants to visit the Ingersoll Rand booth after the session. Titi and Carlos responded to technical questions, interviewed key talent and received mentor requests from several students. Feedback confirmed the positive influence Titi and Carlos had on the students as ambassadors of Ingersoll Rand’s culture and technical leadership.

“Thank you so much Titi Sule and Carlos Uribe for the tremendous presentation about the innovative and sustainable solutions that Ingersoll Rand merits for the water/wastewater and animal industries. By the various examples of innovations made across the world it is evidence that Ingersoll Rand is of those who innovative sustainable solutions that in environmental sustainability and actually care about the community and those affected by decisions!” –SHPE conference student attendee


Drive Long-term Advancement

Innovation relies on diversity within the field and strengthening the diversity of talent in STEM, which creates headways in Ingersoll Rand’s competencies and overall business progress. “I am proud of the opportunity for our team to motivate and inspire the next generation of engineers and leaders, and influenced the conference participants to lead a purpose-driven life,” said Jenny Clemente, global director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. “Each of us can make a difference by building on strong roots and leaning on our values to achieve success.” A future Hispanic CEO may have been at the SHPE conference, ready to put this advice to work!