Wastewater Treatment

Lean on us to help you make life better

Water Treatment

Lean on us to help you make life better

Common challenges we support your industry with...

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Increase productivity
and quality standards

Municipalities must provide safe and potable water and effectively dispose of wastewater while complying with regulatory requirements. Additionally, they want to ensure efficient, cost-effective operations with minimal downtime

Increase Output

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Reduce contamination
risks in your processes

Create a low risk, low contaminant air supply that will help you meet quality standards and regulations.

Longterm Sustainibility

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Minimize total cost
of ownership (TCO)

(TCO) includes three major elements: Initial investment, up-time related costs and the cost of energy consumed. Savings on energy costs are the key elements to minimizing TCO.

Save Money

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Service support
you can trust

Extend the life of equipment, improve performance, and reduce maintenance to keep wastewater treatment plants up and running.

Worldwide Network

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Reduce supply chain complexity

Reduce the number and complexity of equipment suppliers to synchronize supply, increase buying power, and reduce scheduled maintenance downtime.

All from One

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Connecting with
the future: WATER 4.0

Water 4.0 puts digitization and automation at the center of competitive water management. Networking of machines and processes increase efficiency, reduce costs, and lower breakdowns through predictive maintenance.

The Future

Delivering the perfect fit for any application within the water & wastewater treatment industry

Complete Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Complete Solutions for Water Treatment

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"Using Milton Roy, a premium brand in the industry, has proven that product quality and performance are one of our important successes of water production to serve our nation. We are glad to have Milton Roy as our valued partner, consistently providing good support throughout the project lifecycle. We look forward to working together on future projects again."

Desalination plant in Singapore

"Energy savings are one of our key targets, so we are very pleased that the new Robuschi Robox screw blower has reduced energy costs by 13,000 Euro annually, and generated energy savings of around 46%"

Municipality in Sweden