Rhina Juliao

Global Director, Business Excellence and Ingersoll Rand Execution Excellence (IRX)

Experienced business transformation professional, Rhina is driving Ingersoll Rand’s operating plan through IRX, our execution engine. In addition to leading the deployment of IRX into all aspects of our business via IMPACT Daily Management and Policy Deployment, she is also ensuring administrative and facility leadership of our Davidson, N.C. headquarters location while developing standard work around removing barriers to execution.

Rhina played a key role in the integration of Gardner Denver and Ingersoll Rand in 2019-2020 in her previous role as operating process lead, as well as in the Initial Public Offering of Gardner Denver in 2017 when she joined the company as change management and process lead.

Prior to joining Gardner Denver, she acquired over 15 years of experience in business transformation, strategy, process, technology and information integration, purchasing and supply chain, project management and learning & development, leading complex change management and transformation projects in telecommunications, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

Rhina earned her industrial engineering degree followed by her postgraduate degree in business management from Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, Panama.