Monroe Green X Team Makes Industry-leading Improvements in Sustainability

The Monroe, Louisiana, Green X team has been making huge strides towards our 2030 and 2050 environmental goals and was recently awarded the GreenX MFG Site Sustainability Award.

The team was recognized for its sustainability initiatives, which include eliminating more than 300 air leaks, changing all lighting in the plant to LED bulbs and re-using water from the slurry station, a process that uses fresh water and a grit solution to clean critical small parts, for other part washers, saving 350 gallons of water per month.

Slurry Water Reclaim Tanks
Slurry Water Reclaim Tanks

Since last year, the Monroe Green X team has reduced air leaks from 33% to a below industry standard rate of 6.31%, reduced its water consumption by 13,000 gallons and saved more than 342,500 kwh of electricity. In April 2022, the electricity usage at the plant was equivalent to 63.48 kwh/person, and now, the average usage is only 0.02 kwh/person.

The team is continuing to explore new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and make life better for our communities and planet with the DuctSox installation, which helps make the temperature in the plant more consistent, the purchase of two new compressors for Tri-Continent and plans to re-use the slurry station water at the slurry process, which would further reduce the plant’s freshwater usage.

DuctSox Air Distribution System

Congratulations to the Monroe X Green team! Learn more about Ingersoll Rand’s environmental goals and our commitment to sustainability here.