Ingersoll Rand Provides Tailored Air Skids for Combined Cycle Power Plant


When a leading global energy company was awarded a contract from a Middle Eastern Corporation to convert a coal-fired power station into an efficient gas power plant, they chose Ingersoll Rand based on our expertise in instrumentation and service air to help them design their air compression stations.

Using advanced technologies, our customer has been providing high-quality equipment and solutions to gas power plants in the energy industry that are in use in the entire energy cycle from generation to consumption. With decades of experience in industrial power generation, the company serves more than 150 countries, globally.

Ingersoll Rand Provides the Right Equipment

Our customer put their trust in Ingersoll Rand mainly because the project required a fully integrated package of air compression devices with a high level of specification, and the experts at Ingersoll Rand have proved time and time again their expertise in the field, and impressed with a wide range of applicable products.


The conversion project that aimed to modernize the power plant and enhance it with leading efficiency was divided into two phases. First, the air stations needed to be designed, and the customer awarded Ingersoll Rand with the task of designing the first compressed air station that would serve as a template for the additional air stations needed.


After much deliberation and planning by our experts, a solution was provided. The customer was delighted not only with the compact air solution that was supplied, but also with the on-going engineering support and cooperation throughout the project.


In total, Ingersoll Rand supplied four two-stage oil free screw compressors and four heatless adsorption dryers, along with a dedicated PLC based control system and various ancillary parts, including filters and receivers. The complete package was fully integrated and skid-based, minimizing interfaces and complying with the customer’s battery limits. Two such air stations were provided in phase 1 of the project.


Reliable Instrument and Service Air Application

As is the case in most power plants, and such was the requirement for this combined cycle power plant, maintenance areas between the air stations need to be thoroughly respected to avoid injury and avail for easy access to crucial devices.


Our engineers designed a customized enclosure for the entire system, which was able to house compressors, dryers, filters, pipework and the I&C control system, plus all the electronic connections with a reduced number of interfaces. The provided Instrument Air Skids measured just eleven metres long, providing a complete plug & play solution.


Ingersoll Rand’s solution required minimal space to provide reliable compressed air to instrument and service outlets. In addition, few terminal points were required to connect the instrument air skids on-site and facilitate installation and start-up.


On-Going Support Leads to More Success

Not to be ever underestimated, Ingersoll Rand also fully satisfied the customer’s requirement of comprehensive project management support throughout the entire project. Our Engineering team provided engineering design and documentation services according to the project’s complicated specifications.


To our delight, the success of the initial air station design resulted in our experts being given with the task of designing two more similar compressed air packages necessary for the second phase of the project.


Key Features

Project: Combined Cycle Power Plant
End-user: Public and government-owned power generation company
EPC Contractor: A global leader in power generation
Location: Middle East
Application: Instrument and Service Air

  • 4 Oil-free compressors D110-10A
  • 4 Heatless adsorption dryers A250TXT + pre/post-filters
  • Air receivers 7000L
  • 2x11 meters common skid
  • Interconnection piping
  • Fully redundant PLC based control system and electrical cabinet for internal power distribution.

Customer Benefit: Instrument and service air with a reduced/ optimized footprint. A Plug & Play solution: few terminal points to connect at site, facilitating easy installation and start-up.