A Message to Employees from Ingersoll Rand CEO Vicente Reynal

June 1, 2020

Dear colleagues,

My weekly global address last Friday encouraged seeking ‘feedback from one another more often, and how our values recognize the varied backgrounds, perspectives and ideas that each one of us brings to the workplace’. The intent behind those words goes well beyond soliciting feedback for a Town Hall or a plant visit. I have been dwelling on those words and the importance of inclusion, belonging and respect at Ingersoll Rand as I’ve watched, with a heavy heart, the continued civil unrest and racial injustice happening across the United States.


The tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have spurred pent-up pain. There is justified hurt and frustration felt by the Black community and our Black employees. As a Hispanic male, I have traveled my own path with its own set of challenges; however that has not prepared me to understand the inequality faced by the Black community and many other communities in today’s world. My hope ahead for all of us is to take the opportunity to learn from perspectives that are different from our own.

Our values are real to me, not just words. I want you to know we stand for equity in how people are treated and the opportunities available to them.

Very importantly, the safety of our teammates is a great concern. We are monitoring all of our teams and locations in the vicinity of ongoing protests and unrest to ensure the safety of our employees. I am thankful to report that our teams in these locations are safe.

The current events create opportunity for additional dialogue to drive understanding across differences – in our company, in our communities and around the country. Our leadership team will accelerate the conversation by launching interactive sessions – Purpose and Values Activation, Owning Our Future Forums and Unconscious Bias – that build our inclusive and respectful culture.

Right now, I ask that you keep our values in mind and support one another; if you choose to engage in a protest, do so peacefully and safely; check on your teams and fellow colleagues; and seek help when you need it.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Stay safe and with respect,

Vicente Reynal
Chief Executive Officer