Welcoming Pride Alliance as Our Newest Inclusion Group

Welcoming Pride Alliance as Our Newest Inclusion Group

Pride Alliance began as a way to focus on our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+) employees, but there is more to Ingersoll Rand’s newest inclusion group. Pride Alliance strives to build a positive, safe and open environment for people of all backgrounds within the workplace. Pride Alliance intends to help navigate and harness the tools needed to communicate feelings and perspectives with confidence and a sense of safety. 

Creating a Community of Support and Inclusion

When employees join Pride Alliance as an LGBTQIA+ employee or an ally, they will participate in four main objectives: 

Belonging: Embracing Inclusion

o Forming connections 
o Celebration 
o Open dialogue 

Development: Fostering Inspired Teams

o Professional development offerings
o Advocacy for talent
o Creating talent pipelines 

Engagement: Connecting with Community

o Hosting events 
o Serving the community at large

Sustainability: Thinking and Acting Like Owners 

o Increasing our brand recognition
o Building partnerships 

Pride Alliance envisions driving self-awareness, self-worth and improving communication within the workplace to project acceptance and mindfulness.


Kate Keene, senior vice president, Human Resources, and co-executive sponsor of Pride Alliance, supports Ingersoll Rand’s culture of allyship and the sense of belonging Pride Alliance provides. “All employees deserve a work environment where they feel safe and comfortable being themselves.

Further, until our employees can be authentically themselves, we won't be able to unlock our true potential as a company. Celebrating diversity and inclusion is core to who we are and a continuation of our values,“ Kate shared.


Andy Schiesl, senior vice president and general counsel and co-executive sponsor of Pride Alliance, echoed Kate’s commitment to a culture of allyship. “I want all of our employees to feel safe and to feel part of the Ingersoll Rand family,” Andy said. “A key part of this is having vocal allies. I have seen firsthand how allyship is so very critical to the LGBQTIA+ community and I am so proud to be given the chance to by an ally and show my support.”

The Pride Alliance steering committee has already planned multiple events, with more to follow throughout 2022. 

Employees can participate in person or virtually from around the world. Pride Alliance is the latest in the seven inclusion groups offered at Ingersoll Rand, and serves as a way to connect with others who share similar interests or life experiences. Many people belong to more than one. Our inclusion groups thrive with the support and membership of allies and advocates in supporting a fair experience for all.