An Ingersoll Rand employee from the Sedalia, Missouri plant was talking with his doctor at the Bothwell Regional Health Center when the conversation turned to the COVID-19 vaccine. Learning of the healthcare facility’s need for a freezer to store the incoming vaccines and knowing that the Sedalia plant has a freezer that is used for compressor assembly parts, which could meet the COVID vaccine requirements, he made the necessary connections.

Once they were alerted to the urgent need, the team at the Sedalia site was happy to step in. They adjusted their schedule to make loaning Bothwell Regional Health the freezer a reality, and soon, the Sedalia team delivered its sub-zero freezer to the center. Now, Bothwell Regional Health Center will be ready to deploy the COVID-19 vaccine and will be fully prepared to save lives.


From left to right, Chris Bell, Ingersoll Rand Sedalia plant manager; David Wolf, Industrial Technologies & Services (ITS) Americas at Ingersoll Rand senior safety and quality leader; Paul Dick, ITS Americas at Ingersoll Rand North American operations lead; and Lori Wightman, Bothwell Regional Health Center chief executive officer.

“We want our customers, employees and our communities to lean on us,” said Paul Dick, North American operations lead for Industrial Technology & Services (ITS) Americas at Ingersoll Rand. “We are excited to do everything we can to help our hospital and healthcare workers deploy the COVID-19 vaccine and defeat the virus.”

Bothwell CEO Lori Wightman and the hospital staff expressed their gratitude to the Sedalia team for providing this valuable resource to the hospital, which will ensure that Bothwell can administer COVID-19 vaccines in a timely way.

We are all immensely proud to see our employees serving their purpose and living their beliefs. This inspired action is an example of the values that drive Ingersoll Rand every day of the year.


Bothwell maintenance employees offload a subzero freezer loaned by Ingersoll Rand Sedalia to Bothwell Regional Health Center. The freezer will be stored on the second floor of the Canon Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Care and house COVID-19 vaccines. Paul Dick, ITS Americas at Ingersoll Rand North American operations lead, is on the left.