Ingersoll Rand France Plant Earns ISO50001 Certification

In July, Ingersoll Rand's Milton Roy Pont-Saint-Pierre, France plant earned ISO50001 Energy Management certification, becoming the first Ingersoll Rand plant to do so!


At the beginning of the year, Vanessa Levasseur, the quality and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) coordinator, proposed to leadership that the team strive to be the first Ingersoll Rand ISO50001 site certified for Energy Management. The entire team at the Milton Roy plant was excited by the challenge and set a goal to be certified by the end of the year. They analyzed all energy consumed from machining, lighting, air compression, heating, cooling, information technology servers, food service, painting processes and more. After their root cause analysis, they developed and executed action plans for improvement.


"Our work helped us focus on reducing our energy consummation now and in the future," explained Laurent Le Moine, director, plant operations. "We have built a proactive improvement plan for the next five years and have some planned investments to help us reduce gas and electricity to support our efforts. All of our actions are in support of Ingersoll Rand's global 2030-2050 Environmental Goals, which impressed our ISO auditor."


"I am very proud that Pont-Saint-Pierre obtained the ISO50001 certification," said Emmanuel Fontaine, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Europe leader. "Vanessa and the team did a good job identifying and managing major energy contributors for the plant and involved all employees in the energy efficiency journey. It is very exciting to consider the benefits the improved energy efficiency management will provide for the profitability of the site considering the recent increase of energy costs. Also, Pont-Saint-Pierre is now well prepared to take on the challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030."


The certification is another tangible illustration of the plant's commitment to Make Life Better for our planet, customers and employees.