Veterans at IR: Serving Our Customers and Our Countries

Service. Commitment. Leadership. Belonging. Mission-critical solutions. You might recognize these terms as part of Ingersoll Rand’s purpose and values—and you will also find them at the core of military service. With our focus on service to help make life better, we asked four of our own employees how their experiences in the military helped them achieve business results and support their personal accomplishments.

“My time in the United States Army taught me discipline and teamwork. It’s so powerful to see what you can accomplish if everyone is working toward the same goals,” shared Jon Vanderpool, global pricing leader, Global Ingersoll Rand Pricing Team. “As the leader of Ingersoll Rand’s Veteran’s Inclusion Group, I am working with the team to create resources and opportunities for everyone to collaborate to support veterans in their civilian careers.”


Kristen Holcomb, operations project manager with Specialty Vehicles Technologies, served in the United States Navy and she is equally focused on achieving challenging goals with the help of the team. “One of the first things I learned in the military was The Sailor’s Creed, which states in part, ‘I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.’ I approach my work at Ingersoll Rand with the same mindset.”


“I attribute my ability to perform under pressure and be relentless in the pursuit of improvement to my military background,” said Peter Satchwell, former member of the British Royal Navy and current Reavell and Mako global sales director with Industrial Technologies and Services, EMEIA; and Global Pressure and Vacuum Solutions Group. “I take great pride in the trust our customers have in us, and my leadership approach and style is based on the foundations created during my military years.”



Craig Mundy, senior vice president of Human Resources and executive sponsor of Ingersoll Rand’s Veteran’s Inclusion Group, views his military experience as basic training for identifying and removing barriers to delivery. “Military and business decisions require that you understand challenges that may impact your goals. I quickly learned to lean on the creative and diverse perspectives of my team to remove those obstacles and create the right approach to achieve an outcome to make life better for the customer.”

Ingersoll Rand recognizes and thanks all employees and their family members who have contributed military service and supported those who serve. Ingersoll Rand employees support the military community by joining the company’s Veteran’s Inclusion Group, which focuses on development opportunities, a network of belonging and community programs to engage employees around the value of service.