“You are as powerful as the person next to you.”

In celebration of Women’s History Month, recognized each March, Ingersoll Rand’s Women’s Inclusion Group (WInG) is honoring both women from the past and looking forward to a bright future for all women. In a continuation of the “Inspiring Ownership” series, WInG hosted a conversation with the women leaders on Ingersoll Rand’s Board of Directors.


Liz Centoni, chief strategy officer and general manager of applications at Cisco Systems, Inc. and Kirk E. Arnold, former chief executive officer of Data Intensity, met virtually with members of WInG to discuss their thoughts on balancing the demands of work and life balance, seeing women represented in leadership and their inspirational role models.

Watch this short highlight video to see some of the inspiring moments captured during the discussion with Mike Weatherred, WInG executive sponsor and leader of Ingersoll Rand Excellence (IRX), and Lorraine Logan, Kristen Coupal and Mary Betsch from the WInG steering committee. Go in-depth in the conversation by watching video clips on these compelling topics: work/life balance challenges, talent and leadership representation, and inspiring role models.


When discussing the concept of thinking like an owner, Kirk shared, “To me, there is no more inspiring platform for our women employees, our employees of color, every diverse population because there is no distinction as an owner. You are as powerful as the person next to you.” Establishing a culture of ownership is tied directly to Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to create a diverse, inclusive workforce. “I love that Vicente and the leadership team have made this about a commitment and not a campaign. Campaigns are one-time events, a commitment is over multiple years,” said Liz. Learn how Liz and Kirk have taken ownership of their careers and ways to build a stronger culture at Ingersoll Rand.


The “Inspiring Ownership” videos are a series of conversations with leaders to build an inclusive workplace and bring people together in an engaging way. We believe that diverse views mean strong performance.


For International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021, our EMEIA leadership team created a video to demonstrate their commitment to #ChooseToChallenge gender bias and standing against inequality. Enrique M. Viseras, Industrial Technologies and Services, EMEIA and Pressure and Vacuum Solutions leader, and multiple others speak from the heart about what diversity means to them and how they aim to support diversity every day.