“One Thing” on Earth Day and Everyday Makes Lasting Change

At Ingersoll Rand, we try to think about the earth every day, not just on Earth Day. In this spirit, today, we’ll share some pictures of Ingersoll Rand employees participating in events to honor Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. Our theme this year was Do One Thing, which aligns with our company value of Act Like an Owner—as participants were taking responsible actions on behalf of our shared planet.  

Our sustainability team designed a list of activities that could be completed individually, to support social distancing. While we weren’t able to gather for group events, we invited employees to share pictures of their Earth Day safe-distance activities with us. We hope all of our employees felt like a valuable part of the global community as they helped support the environment. 

Here is a photo montage of some of our great employees acting in the spirit of Earth Day, including:



We were so happy to see how many members of the Ingersoll Rand community took time to act on behalf of the earth. Effective solutions require all of us to participate: it is critical now that we work together. At Ingersoll Rand, we are excited to make a bigger impact on the well-being of our planet on Earth Day and every day.