Elmo Rietschle - leading innovation in oil-free vacuum technology

Elmo Reischle VLR62 CD

Elmo Rietschle leads the industry in the research and design of next generation dry running vacuum technology. A dedicated R&D facility in Schopfheim, Germany has been at the forefront of the research, design and development of a range of new and innovative oil-free vacuum pumps that provide class leading performance.

Solutions such as the C-VLR new horizontal claw design have enabled the reduction of overall footprint by 30%. The new design also offers IE3 motors as standard, that are VSD compatible, adding extra controllability and helping to improve energy efficiency by 50% compared to similar alternative pumps.


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Maintenance intervals and costs are significantly decreased, with only minor oil changes required every 20,000 hours, instead of typically every 5,000 hours on oil lubricated pumps. Innovative design allows operators easy access to the pumping chamber for fast maintenance, resulting in less downtime.

It also features a lower number of moving parts than competitor models, and with no sealing or lubrication fluids needed in the pump’s compression chamber reducing oil consumption in our manufacturing processes. Lessening the user's impact on the environment from production of oil and disposal of waste oil making it a very environmentally-friendly product. These benefits add up to an extremely low life cost solutions for vacuum pumps and a reduction in carbon footprint.

Delivering best-in-class noise levels, the technology features a sound insulation cover and exhaust silencer, eliminating the need for customers to invest in additional sound-proofing.