Ingersoll Rand’s Strategic Partnership with Engineers Without Borders

Making Life Better for People and Communities Around the Globe

At Ingersoll Rand, we strongly believe that we have the power to build a better world. To further this mission, we are excited to partner with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) to empower rural communities around the world to meet their basic human needs and to Make Life Better.

Through our partnership with EWB, Ingersoll Rand will support sustainable community development through projects that improve water, sanitation, disaster response, structures, agriculture, and civil works. Our 16,000 employees >can volunteer and contribute to projects that will design and implement sustainable and technologically appropriate solutions for communities around the world. And their efforts will have direct life-changing impacts on the health, transportation, education, energy, safety and dignity of individuals and families around the world.

We look forward to expanding our involvement in the community to ensure that our actions today will have the power to Make Life Better tomorrow.

Engineers Without Borders
Engineers Without Borders

“We have a world-class team of 16,000 problem solvers who are ready to put their know-how, passion, and ownership mindset to work for EWB on critical infrastructure projects like sanitation and water systems, solar energy panels and structurally sound bridges and buildings. As part of our broader environmental, social and governance goals, this strategic and impactful collaboration with EWB truly embodies our purpose to ‘Lean On Us to Help You Make Life Better,’ and I know our volunteerism, contributions and mission-critical products will create lasting change for people in more than 45 countries.” 

-Vicente Reynal, Ingersoll Rand CEO