Welcoming IRealabilities as Our Newest Inclusion Group

Ingersoll Rand’s journey to enhance each person’s sense of belonging at Ingersoll Rand continues with the launch of IRealabilities: Disability Inclusion Group (I-DIG). I-DIG recognizes the value of employees with apparent and non-apparent disabilities and the importance of bringing their whole selves to work. I-DIG advocates and promotes awareness of challenges and opportunities of employees with disabilities, supporting their professional development and fostering accessibility in order to achieve their full potential.


Disabilities seen and unseen affect millions of people, making people with disabilities the largest minority group—and the only minority group anyone can become part of at any time.

Virtually everyone has been touched by mental health challenges, either personally or through someone they are close to. By establishing the IRealabilities inclusion group, we can create a culture to support mental health at Ingersoll Rand, where speaking openly and knowing about resources for help or advice can keep people connected to options at work.

Ingersoll Rand is partnering with Disability:IN, a leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide serving as the collective voice to effect change for people with disabilities in business.

The launch of IRealabilities (I-DIG) adds to the existing inclusion groups: the Black Employee Network (BEN), Women’s Inclusion Group (WInG), Veteran’s Inclusion Group (VIG), and HOLA, the Hispanic/LatinX Organization for Leadership and Advancement Inclusion Group.

Maximize the Potential of All Abilities

Ingersoll Rand has bold DE&I goals, and inclusion groups are critical to advancing the development of our company culture. I-DIG will create additional opportunities for employee participation, engaging a large group of our global employees to create an inclusive environment for apparent and non-apparent disabilities.

Liz Hepding, senior vice president, Strategy and Global Development, and Paul Dick, vice president of operations, ITS-Americas, are the executive sponsors of IRealabilities.

They will work with the steering committee to support I-DIG’s learning and development programs.

I-DIG’s strategic focus areas for Belonging, Development, Engagement, and Sustainability are:

• Forming connections through professional and social networking
• Celebrating global and national disability events
• Creating a safe space for mental health discussions
• Providing professional development offerings, mentorships, and advocacy
• Creating a talent pipeline through community partnerships and recruitment events
• Serving through community outreach
• Partnering with Disability: IN for educations, tools, and resources
• Advising on product and service development

Any employee can participate, be an ally, an advocate and/or a leader of our inclusion groups.