Ingersoll Rand Dosatron pumps provide Ukraine civilians with clean water daily

Planet Water Foundation’s AquaBlock systems use Dosatron pumps to provide safe, drinking water. 

In Ukraine, attacks on water infrastructure and the movement of residents fleeing their homes have left as many as 16 million people needing assistance with water, sanitation and hygiene.

Planet Water Foundation, a leading non-profit organization focused on providing access to clean, safe water, is responding to the water crisis in Ukraine by deploying AquaBlock emergency drinking water systems in villages across the Odessa, Kharkiv and eastern border regions. The systems use Ingersoll Rand’s Dosatron pumps, which are manufactured at the Ingersoll Rand Dosatron factory in France, to provide safe, treated drinking water to civilians.

Earlier this year, Ingersoll Rand proudly committed $1 million in Ukraine humanitarian aid. As part of this, the company funded two AquaBlock systems through Planet Water Foundation. These Ingersoll Rand-sponsored AquaBlocks are now being deployed, with each system providing clean water for up to 10,000 Ukrainians daily.  

“We are honored that our Dosatron pumps are being used to ensure critical water supply for Ukrainians without electricity and secure access to safe drinking water,” said Nick Kendall-Jones, senior vice president and general manager, Precision & Science Technologies at Ingersoll Rand. “Ingersoll Rand is proud to partner with Planet Water Foundation to make life better for people in Ukraine.” 

Learn more about how our Dosatron pumps are helping support people in Ukraine here.