Dosatron – Saving Lives with Water

Dosatron, the water-powered dosing pump unit of Precision and Science Technologies (PST), has dedicated 45 years to making life better. Its slogan says it all: Because Life is Powered by Water. Dosatron’s pumps for agriculture professionals mix water and the accurate dose of treatments for livestock and crops, improving the quality of food products for decades, but lately the team is focused on supplying access to safe drinking water around the world.


Fresh water for orphans in Madagascar

In October, our Dosatron Water Treatment team met with high school students in Limoges, France. The students’ project was to help a non-government organization (NGO) supply drinking water to an orphanage in Madagascar by building a drinking water machine. The students received direction from the Pompier de l’Ugence Internationanale NGO to build equipment for the orphanage, which included a non-electric dosing pump, supplied by Dosatron, to ensure the proper dose of chemicals need to provide potable water.


“It is very important not to under-dose chlorine,” explained Yann Michelet, Dosatron’s water treatment project development manager. “If the chlorine rate is too low, the water will not kill bacteria and will not be good for human consumption. On the contrary, over-dosing chlorine will make the water taste bad. Thanks to our pump, we obtain water that has just the right amount of chlorine to kill bacteria without hindering consumption.”

No power? No problem.

French NGO Pompiers Solidaires worked alongside the Dosatron Water Treatment team to prepare for an emergency water purification training day. They will use a pumping station and water purification system without electricity, incorporating a Dosatron dosing pump.


Christophe Ducher, Dosatron’s water treatment market leader, is enthusiastic about the development of such projects. “We are highly motivated to contribute to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 by supplying clean water and sanitation anywhere it is needed,” he said. “Our dosing pumps are driven by force of water alone, which makes it a sustainable tool that can be installed in areas without electricity and in very difficult conditions.”


Humanitarian aid

Planet Water Foundation (PWF), a leading nonprofit organization, addresses global water poverty by providing clean water access and hygiene education programs for more than 2 million people in 15 countries. One of the PWF units, AquaBlock, is an emergency high-volume water supply system designed for rapid deployment to produce filtered drinking water that—thanks to a Dosatron pump—meets World Health Organization (WHO) standards.


PWF and Ingersoll Rand have used AquaBlock to chlorinate water from the Rio Grande river on the U.S.-Mexico border to create clean water for Mexican citizens camped nearby; to provide 1,000 liters of clean water per hour to residents of the Philippines and Cambodia after severe flooding; and to supply clean water to Vietnamese school children.


"Water is our DNA,” says Patrick Amare, Dosatron general manager and vice president of PST, who travelled to Vietnam with an Ingersoll Rand team to partner with PWF. “Providing populations access to safe water is our daily challenge."