Extremely short time for EPS team

Location: Shipyard in UAE and FPSO under Ivory Coast flag

Application: Instrument Air

Equipment: 2 oil-flooded custom made compressors, 2 custom made heatless adsorption dryers

Faced with an extremely tight time period of 30 weeks for a project with high-spec requirements for custom-made equipment used in an offshore application, the EPS quickly went to work on upgrading a docked FPSO (floating production system).

In a very short span of time, 2 air compressors with a 250 kW Ex-d electric motor and control panel together with related instruments were delivered so the work could begin. To make matters more complicated, the materials had to be specific for an offshore application. These included stainless steel piping and canopy, and Heresite coated aluminium coolers needed to withstand a marine ambient environment. In addition, special offshore inlet filters to protect compressor air-end were ordered.

Ingersoll Rand’s EPS team was able to meet stringent technical requirements and begin work with the extremely short lead time they were given. The work is still on-going, but all factors point to another success story reaffirming the value and breadth of expertise provided by IR’s EPS teams.

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