Emco Wheaton Accelerates Efforts to Help Germany 

Location: Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Equipment installation date: November, 2022

Equipment application: High Pressure Unloading Arms incl. electro-hydraulic control system

A crucial national natural gas supply project for Germany, involving Emco Wheaton, has picked up steam in recent weeks. The gas conveyance system, including Emco Wheaton’s high pressure loading arms, has successfully passed factory acceptance testing, and the erection and commissioning of the system is projected to start on November 11th of 2022, with the first delivery of gas to the German gas grid expected on December 12th of 2022. An added incentive of additional revenue (bonus) for shortening the delivery time is now closer to realization.

More News on Emco Wheaton High Pressure Loading Arms

Two idle high pressure loading arms built in 2011 and 2015 that never saw service are being prepared by Emco Wheaton experts to be placed into service in Finland and Estonia. Each is to be delivered to its respective location by the end of the year to play a vital role in a strategic project to ensure European natural gas supply in the face of the Ukrainian war.

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