Employee Makes a Powerful Statement with 3D Tree Art

Ingersoll Rand Naroda, India, production manager Ritesh Yadav, who enjoys painting in his free time, got inspired during his daily 45-minute walk through nearby Madhav Udhyan Park.

"When walking, I felt bored as I had no one there to interact with," said Ritesh. "Then a thought came at that time that if trees could interact with us, they would offer great stress relief. Trees are living things, they have emotions and they give us shelter and oxygen, but they are mostly ignored. I decided to make 3D paintings on small parts of the dried trunk area with water-based, no-harm paint. People started coming closer to the trees, hugging them and taking photos or selfies with them; they started caring about those trees and they felt happier."


Ritesh gets a helping hand from Aanchal, his 18-year old daughter, and together, with permission from officials, they have painted 76 illusions on trees in the public park. They most often work late in the evenings from 10:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Park visitors and local media have expressed appreciation for their efforts.


The message of saving environment is spreading with this unique, artistic approach. And in celebration of Earth Day 2022, Ritesh painted the giraffe at right with a reminder to all to "Save Earth."


"It is just a small step but we're getting very good response from visitors," said Ritesh. "We have wished to spread this message broadly so that we can send messages of awareness to save and care for trees."


Ritesh is a great example of an Ingersoll Rand employee living their value, to make life better.