Community Love Continues for Ingersoll Rand at its Facility in Central Missouri

Ingersoll Rand’s Gardner Denver manufacturing facility in Sedalia, Missouri has been in operation since 1979 and is an employer of 250 local skilled workers. It has been an active member of the community for generations, and its impact is felt far outside its walls due to frequent charitable actions. 

In December 2021, The State Fair Community College Foundation, also located in Sedalia, received $300,000 from Ingersoll Rand. The funds will be used to help build the Olen Howard Workforce Innovation Center, which will be used to provide high-quality training and education for the community’s growing technical workforce.


“Giving back to our community is engrained in Ingersoll Rand’s purpose and values,” said Paul Dick, vice president of operations at the Gardner Denver plant. “In addition to being good stewards in the place we live and work, we look at it as an investment. It gives valuable skills to our friends, neighbors and their children, and in turn, helps us attract a more talented workforce. It’s something we are proud of, and it helps set us apart.” 

The new facility will increase the college’s capacity to deliver workforce training by 200% and is predicted to increase its enrollment by at least 120% in career and technical areas. 

“It’s because of forward-thinking and community-minded companies like Gardner Denver that our quality of life continues to thrive in Pettis County…we are very thankful,” said Mary Treuner, executive director of the State Fair Community College Foundation. 

The Giving Continues in Sedalia 

Last year, Ingersoll Rand’s Gardner Denver plant in Sedalia loaned a subzero freezer to Bothwell Regional Health Center after learning about the local hospital’s urgent need to store COVID-19 vaccines during a school board meeting. As a result, the freezer enabled the community to be one of the first in central Missouri to distribute the vaccine. 

Bothwell Regional Health Center continued to make use of the loaned freezer until it was finally able to purchase its own in late 2021. Upon the freezer’s return, the hospital staff presented Ingersoll Rand’s staff with a signed thank you letter. To further express their gratitude, the hospital staff sweetened the deal by filling the freezer with ice cream for the manufacturing facility’s staff.

The Gardner Denver plant in Sedalia is just one shining example of how Ingersoll Rand lives its purpose by making life better for its employees, neighbors, customers and planet.