Brno Shared Services Center makes life better for community

At Ingersoll Rand, we strongly believe that we have the power and responsibility to build a better world and we wake up every day with the desire to help make life better.

Ingersoll Rand’s Shared Services center, established in 2011, is a vital piece of our operations, providing every kind of administrative and financial services for our European branches. Located in Brno, Czech Republic, it grew from an original staff of 30 to more than 300 employees today. Since the beginning, the location embraced a culture that puts people first. Working in an international environment, it brings together a diverse group of people, languages and experiences, as well as cares about local communities and social and environmental responsibility in everything they do.

Taking it to the next level

Three years ago, employees of Brno SSC formed a local Social Committee with a common interest in social responsibilities supporting the local community by engaging in volunteering activities. Since then, our dedicated team members took part in various activities, some being one-off events that they hope to repeat again in the future, such as tree planting and waste collection within Brno district, but more importantly, many recurrent ones.

Quarterly blood donation

On almost quarterly basis, groups of Ingersoll Rand volunteers have been visiting the Brno University Hospital to donate blood and actively promote the activity to help make life better for people in need.

Lending a hand to hospice patients

Further, the team’s proudest achievement is the long-term cooperation with the local Rajhrad Hospice, providing care focusing on the quality of life for people experiencing advanced, terminal illness. The Social Committee team members have been helping in any way they can, for example by providing manual labor in the hospice community gardens and engaging in the yearly fundraiser by organizing a bake sale in our Ingersoll Rand office.

In October, the team organized the yearly sale with traditional Czech cakes – with the aim to not only raise funds for the hospice, but also raise awareness of the establishment and its important mission to provide the best possible care and comfort to patients with terminal illnesses. With Brno location having expanded the team significantly over the past months, the committee was grateful to report a successful event, especially as they humbly saw how their effort supports the honorable and selfless work of the hospice caregivers.


Leading by example and fostering inspired teams

Thanks to the committed Ingersoll Rand employees who are thinking and acting like owners, what started as a broad idea to support local communities through volunteering, developed in a powerful and enriching Corporate Social Responsibility program.

“We would like to encourage everyone to consider what they can do and how they can also give back to their local communities, how they can become more socially responsible,” commented Zuzana Janderkova, Brno SSC Human Resources leader. “And we thank the Brno Social Committee for their continuous engagement in social responsibility activities that makes life better and fosters inspired teams.”