Our Environmental, Social and Governance Focus

Ingersoll Rand is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and an ownership mindset, inspiring us to care deeply about our neighbors and shared planet.

Lead Sustainably is one of our five strategic imperatives along with Deploy Talent, Accelerate Growth, Expand Margins and Allocate Capital Effectively.

Our people play an integral role in our sustainable measures; our future depends on our ability to develop, inspire and retain diverse, inclusive, high-performance teams propelled by mutual respect. Led by our inspired teams, we offer mission-critical flow creation and industrial products and services that improve the lives of our customers while minimizing our impact on our world. We are committed to transparent environmental reporting measures into our processes and operations to show how we are reducing our waste, energy and water use, and increasing our material reuse.

We prioritize the integration of sustainability principles into every business, including a robust governance model and a focus on fostering social and environmental improvement in our communities and throughout the world. We believe that our ESG efforts will facilitate success for our employees, partners and stakeholders.

We are relevant and adaptable to current conditions, delivering essential products and services to our customers.

We intend to continue our pursuit of sustainability with bold aspirations and transparency. Our operational goals will drive sustainability across the value chain, we will invest in innovation to hone more efficient and improved products and services, and we will expand into new markets responsibly and with social conviction.