Ingersoll Randhas a long history of acquiring companies. We build and grow great companies.

Our decentralized operating model is core to our culture. We believe it allows our businesses to be nimble and quick–making decisions locally through close customer contact. Our decentralized model is also an ideal platform for companies that we acquire. It ensures that our businesses continue to operate as successfully as they did prior to our ownership but with the strength of the group behind them.

Ingersoll Rand businesses benefit directly from being a part of the group. Whether through exposure to our global customer base, access to low cost manufacturing or the sharing of best practices across the organization, our businesses decide locally what fits best with their strategy.

Becoming part of Ingersoll Rand also provides access to capital. We believe in continuing to invest in our businesses whether through supporting expansion and innovation or through follow-on acquisitions.

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Ingersoll Rand businesses provide high-impact, highly engineered products used in industrial processes. Many of our successful acquisitions were family businesses with long operating histories–some over 100 years. Typically Ingersoll Rand businesses have the following characteristics:

  • Are market leaders in their core markets
  • Long standing, deep customer relationships
  • Serve stable and attractive end markets
  • A history of steady revenue with attractive margins
  • Strong recurring revenue through a reliable parts or consumables stream

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