Ingersoll Rand’s Emrah Ercan Joins Energy Efficiency Panel at Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit

New Ion Solutions Technology Will Be Introduced

Emrah Ercan, general manager of Ingersoll Rand’s PST ventures division, will be speaking at the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit on June 23, 2022 in Brooklyn.


Indoor AgTech gathers the world’s leading growers, retailers, investors, seed companies and technology providers to focus on optimizing productivity, scale and sustainability in the controlled environment agriculture and vertical farming industries.


Ercan will be participating on a panel to discuss “Driving Profitability and Sustainability Through Greater Energy Efficiency” and introducing Ion Solutions, Ingersoll Rand’s cutting-edge new technology for oxygenating and disinfecting irrigation water for the indoor-growing market.

By offering dual-mode oxygenation and disinfection while consuming 90% less energy than incumbent solutions, Ion Solutions is the answer to reducing energy consumption in growing facilities. Ion Solutions uses cold plasma to inject water with nanobubbles containing dissolved oxygen and oxidation reduction potential (ORP). This high-quality plasma-activated water provides dual benefits:

  • Energy-efficient, long-lasting oxygenation
  • Chemical-free disinfection capable of eliminating not only organic bacteria and pathogens but also inorganic pollutants

As a smart and connected product, the system’s Ingersoll Rand IoT-enabled dashboard allows indoor growers to monitor, control and optimize water quality for efficient operations. The technology integrates seamlessly with existing systems, offering an easy-to-install, plug-and-play solution that delivers immediate value in a compact footprint.

Ingersoll Rand Ion Solutions is now available for pre-order at

About PST Ventures

PST Ventures is a division within Ingersoll Rand dedicated to identifying and accelerating new technologies to make life better. PST Ventures’ mission is to create enduring value for customers by leveraging Ingersoll Rand’s global presence and industrial technologies expertise to discover, develop and commercialize early-stage innovations serving high-growth sustainable end markets.