Nash India Helps a Major Indian Steel Producer Reduce Carbon Footprint

Location: Kalinganagar, Odisha, India

Application: Recycle spent coke oven gas in steel plant

Equipment: Liquid ring compressor packages


Nash India finalized a large order from TATA Steel, a major steel manufacturer with global presence based in India. The order is for the complete supply of 6 Liquid Ring Compressor (LRC) packages for TATA’s new steel plant in Kalinganagar in the state of Odisha in eastern India.

The Nash LRCs recycle spent coke oven gas back into the furnace to help fuel the furnace and therefore reduce the carbon footprint by reducing emissions and utilizing balance calories of the exhaust gases, which would otherwise been expunged into the atmosphere.

The purchase order of $6.88 million consists of a Liquid Ring Compressor package that includes 6 sets of Model 2BW5 400-8HC9 LRCs and 3 Gas Boosters. The machines are all ATEX compliant, with the basic compressor built at NASH Nurnberg, and the accessories sourced from India.

The order is a victory for highlighting the benefits of LRCs vs. traditional roots blowers and propagating the power of sustainability. Repeated failures of roots blowers for this application, due to presence of tar in the gases, has opened the door for Nash LRCs as an ideal solution.

It is also a great win for NASH India as it paves the way for many such installations within the TATA Group and its competitors as they are also seeking this technology. Credit should be given to our Sales Team fronted by Mallikarjuna Sarode and Application Team from Pune lead by Rijesh Vannalath and Ashish Chamatkar for the rigorous follow ups and continuous knowledge enhancement to the TATA technical team.

This the first installation of LRCs for the coke oven gas application and will be followed by many such other installations in the future. This project and Ingersoll Rand’s continuous support shows the commitment towards environmental protection and achieving sustainability goals for the company.

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