Diversity and Inclusion

We believe the diverse views of our global team help us deliver strong performance, creating a cycle of success that benefits our employees, partners and customers.

Enjoy the article below showing how we bring together diverse points of views to be a better company.

Inclusion Groups

INCLUSION GROUPS: Building a Culture of Belonging and Supporting Diversity in The Workforce

At Ingersoll Rand, we bring our values to life. One of our core values, fostering inspired teams, aims to make employees feel safe, engaged and valued in the workplace.

One powerful step we have taken to connect employees across the globe is the launch of “inclusion groups.” These voluntary, employee-led groups include underrepresented employees and allies in the organization to promote an inclusive culture in the workplace. We are proud to be part of a global movement of diversity.

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MOVING UP: Perseverance pays off!

We’re featuring monthly interviews with IR employees across the globe that demonstrate Ingersoll Rand’s values at work. This month, we spoke with Erika Surrat, who has recently been promoted to training coordinator at IR’s Charlotte, North Carolina, distribution center (DLC). Erika spoke to us about the series of roles that have successfully advanced her to current position.


EMEIA Leaders Promote Women with Panel for Turkish Students

In mid-December, three Ingersoll Rand female leaders with our Industrial Technologies and Services (ITS) EMEIA operations team formed a panel to discuss female leadership in manufacturing with 160 students of mechanical and industrial engineering at Yeditepe University in Turkey.

An Ingersoll Rand Employee Spotlight:
A good day for our customers is a good day for us!


We recently spoke with Michael Bickel, who runs the Service and Operations Team for Club Car in the southeastern and southwestern United States.

michael bickel
Jennifer Butler

Shine with your own light!
A Spotlight on Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Butler is a commodity manager with our Specialty Vehicle Technologies segment for Club Car. In her interview she shares four pieces of advice for underrepresented groups and early talent.

Shine with your own light!
A Spotlight on Johanna Aaltonen

In her interview, Simmern, Germany, Plant Leader Johanna Aaltonen shares insights on her challenges as a female leader in the manufacturing, a largely male-dominated industry.

An Ingersoll Rand Employee Spotlight