Business Partner Code of Conduct

Ingersoll Rand’s Business Partner Code of Conduct applies to all entities doing business with us and communicates our expectations that our Business Partners will practice the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards when conducting our affairs.  This Code holds our Business Partners to the same high standards to which we hold ourselves.

Ingersoll Rand’s Business Partner Code of Conduct outlines our:

  • Sustainability vision and core values
  • Employee code of conduct linkage
  • Expectation that business partners will address:◦legal requirements
    • anti-discrimination
    • wages and benefits
    • child & forced labor
    • freedom of association
    • human rights
    • health and safety environment
    • antitrust and competition laws
    • anti-corruption and bribery
    • global trade compliance
  • Commitment to Business Partners
  • Process for resolving ethics issues

Downloadable Code of Conduct Files: