We’re featuring interviews with Ingersoll Rand (IR) employees across the globe. Today, we talked to Edixon Mendez, who leads the Remanufacturing Operations and Aftermarket Engineering for our Centrifugal Compressor Portfolio.  

Edixon has a long history with IR, holding a variety of roles across businesses. He was born in Venezuela, immigrated to the United States in 2010 and started his career at IR in 2012.

He has a strong sense of purpose and set clear values for himself. He is also interested in developing those on his team and sharing his knowledge with them. Here’s what he shared about his time with IR and his professional development:

How has your time at Ingersoll Rand helped you grow, personally or professionally?

I have grown a lot thanks to the opportunities I’ve seized at IR. I remember fondly the people who contributed to my success in this country and in this company--Becky Schutte, Andrew Zipf and Mark Dudek. Thanks to their guidance, I’m doing everything possible to drive a positive experience that translates into a strong culture for the future.

  • Becky opened doors for me to work in this amazing company. To create things you see in books, especially when you come from a place where the manufacturing industry is under-developed, is an incredible opportunity. Thankfully, she saw my potential and gave me the chance to demonstrate my abilities.

  • Andrew trusted me to create processes and controls, and to drive a continuous improvement culture in the Remanufacturing Center. Under his coaching, we improved the cycle time of our offering and increased growth. We built a great team together. 

  • Mark polished my edges. He is my mentor. I learned soft skills to achieve the next level and successfully deliver critical messages. He would tell me, “Edixon, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar.” That empowered me to open my eyes and see things more holistically, focusing more on how to generate growth instead of only how to manufacture something.

What lessons have you learned from your leaders that have shaped your success?

  • I learned that everything isn’t as easy as I thought and so I worked on my patience and coached people to arrive at conclusions with my guidance.
  • If I saw a problem, I thought others would immediately come to resolve it. I learned that my team has other responsibilities that I needed to consider. Now I don’t assume everybody is as readily available to solve a problem 
  • I used to upset some people with my directness. I have learned skills to shape my communications based on the person to deliver a better-received message.

How do you encourage other team members to excel and to promote diversity and inclusion at IR?

  • Shine with your own light. You do have a light in you. Maybe you just haven’t found the switch. 
  • Every job is an opportunity to make things better. You can make the worst place the best place.
  • Cultural change starts with you, especially when you manage people. Don’t wait for people to change things you think are wrong. Change what’s in your four walls and lead by example. Good practices will be greatly appreciated by others, those above, under and next to you in your organization.
  • Come to work every day thinking, “What am I going to improve today?” One little improvement every day is 365 improvements in one year! Come in, do your magic, do it right, and go home.
  • Respect yourself; respect others.

Edixon clearly demonstrates many of Ingersoll Rand’s values, including Thinking and Acting Like Owner and Fostering Inspired Teams. We appreciate having him as a valued member of our team.

Edixon Mendez