New Thunder 5000 HP Quintuplex pump 

New Thunder 5000 HP Quintuplex pump

The future of frac fleets is higher horsepower and more efficiency. Regardless if operating on a conventional versus electric fleet, the new Thunder 5,000 HP Quintuplex pump is designed to give operators the flexibility and cost-savings needed for optimal performance. Designed for duel fuel gas engines, electric motors, diesel engines and gas turbine direct drives, the Thunder 5000 comes available with a variety of gear box designs that can be used regardless of driver technology.

With an 11” stroke length design, the Thunder Quintuplex decreases the amount of trucks needed on site and allows lower operating speed for longer consumable life and reduced fatigue cycles. The Thunder 5000 provides equivalent pressure and flow output at slower speeds, which substantially increases pump life and reduces consumable expense. Meeting or exceeding competitor output capabilities at lower operating loads helps continue pump life, making the Thunder 5,000 HP Quintuplex the ideal choice for your frac fleet.

Its next generation fluid end technology features stainless steel construction and innovative geometry to minimize stress. Optimized crankshaft design helps reduce vibration. The patented Falcon spring retainer allows for rapid valve changes with no alignment requirements or special tools. Gardner Denver constructs pumps that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership due to their rugged, modern designs, which improve serviceability in the field.