High-growth sustainable markets

Enabling progress in high-growth sustainable markets

Markets: Supporting customers in high-growth, sustainable markets such as food, life science, water and clean energy. Our distinctive advantage lies in our vertical strategy, which focuses on promising growth markets with significant potential for value creation and enduring resilience throughout economic cycles. Additionally, our ability to proactively identify and acquire companies operating within these market ecosystems further strengthens our position for success.

sustainable-markets_clean-energy Clean Energy

We are committed to advancing a responsible economy that provides a sustainable and secure future for everyone.

Our product offering plays a crucial role in supporting decarbonization efforts throughout the energy transition. For biogas applications, we provide renewable natural gas (RNG) capture and compression systems, as well as waste grinding and conveyance pumps.

In the hydrogen sector, our offerings include hydrogen compressors, vehicle refueling stations, and industrial hydrogen (brown, grey, blue, green) gas compressors. In the wind energy sector, we offer high-torque cordless power tools for wind turbine assembly and maintenance, as well as piston pumps for spray-application of turbine blade coatings.

For solar energy applications, we provide vacuum pumps for solar photovoltaic panel production and lamination, adhesive dispensing systems for solar panel assembly, and precision cordless power tools for solar farm erection.

In decarbonization, we offer vacuum pumps, blowers, and compressors for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), flare gas capture and compression systems, zero methane emission natural gas odorizers, and gas sampling diaphragm pumps. 

In the electric vehicle and transport sector, our products include air compressors for electric vehicle and battery manufacturing plants, power tools for vehicle and lithium-ion pack assembly, ergonomic handling devices for battery packs, dosing pumps and mixers for battery cell production, natural gas compressors for hybrid cargo ships, and blowers for cargo ship air lubrication systems (ALS).

Finally, for nuclear applications, we offer blowers for steam pressurization.

sustainable-markets_food Food

Our impact spans the entire food and beverage value chain, encompassing stages from harvesting to processing, packaging, and delivery. We actively contribute to each step of this chain, ensuring efficiency, sustainability, and innovation throughout. 

Our commitment to minimizing the environmental impact in the food industry while ensuring sustainable food production for future generations is reflected in the products we provide. In the agriculture sector, we offer dosing pumps for precise plant nutrient delivery, control systems for efficient farm management, cold plasma systems for water oxygenation, irrigation pumps, and systems for controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

For livestock management, our products include dosing pumps for nutrition and vaccination, control systems for monitoring and maintaining livestock health, and biogas harvesting compressors.

In food processing, we offer oil-free air compressors and food-grade lubricants, blowers for the bulk conveyance of powders, cereals, and dry foods, and progressive cavity, diaphragm, and other pumps for the transfer of food and beverages. Our Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-compliant diaphragm pumps feature clean-in-place (CIP) designs, ensuring sanitary operations. We also provide powered hoists for the efficient handling of large containers and bags during processing.

In the packaging phase, we offer high-pressure centrifugal and reciprocating compressors for PET bottle forming, air compressors for glass bottle forming, and air compressors to power cutting, folding, forming, and other packaging equipment. Our ergonomic handling systems facilitate efficient box and pallet manipulation, while vacuum pumps enable robotic or manual handling of packages and vacuum-sealing food for freshness. Additionally, our nitrogen-injection systems help preserve the freshness of food and beverages.

For transportation and delivery, our micro pumps are utilized in beverage and soft-serve ice cream dispensing machines, while our blowers facilitate the unloading of dry bulk powder and liquid from tankers.

sustainable-markets_life-science Life Science

Ingersoll Rand improves the quality of life for individuals by designing products and delivering services that serve the healthcare industry. Our products play vital roles in  drug discovery and production, ensure patient care and well-being in hospitals and homes, and enable laboratory diagnostics and research.

For the pharmaceuticals industries, we offer oil-free compressors for pharmaceutical production sites, blower and vacuum pumps for pharmaceutical manufacturing and hygienic and quick-knock-down and clean-in-place pumps for solution and liquid transfer in pharmaceutical production. We also provide pumps for the transfer of lotions, shampoos, pastes, and other consumer products.

For in-patient care and medical devices, we provide oxygen pumps for breathing support and respiratory therapy, small pumps and compressors for medical devices such as blood analyzers, blood pressure monitors, drug delivery systems, autoclaves, nebulizers, dental carts, chair lifts, hospital beds, and more. Our offerings also include diaphragm pumps for respiratory gas capture for capnography, liquid pumps for dialysis machines, vacuum pumps and compressors for negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) and compression therapy, breathing air compressors, hospital and surgical vacuum systems, liquid ring vacuum pumps for sterilizing systems, and precision low-torque power tools for medical device and equipment assembly.

In the field of research, discovery, and laboratory analysis, we supply small vacuum pumps and compressors for life science research equipment such as centrifuges, microplate washers, aspiration systems, cell harvesting devices, concentrators, filtration units, pipetting instruments, evaporation systems, degassing equipment, tissue culturing setups, vacuum ovens, and more. Additionally, our portfolio includes peristaltic pumps for organic fluid transfer in bioprocessing, peristaltic pumps for laboratory liquid handling, vacuum pumps for sample testing, and laboratory automation systems.  

sustainable-markets_water Water

Facilitating the transport, treatment and protection of water and wastewater resources

Our products and services enable the delivery of clean and pure drinking water, both in established and developing economies, as well as facilitating the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater.

We provide a range of specialized products designed for various applications within the water and wastewater sectors. Our product portfolio includes pumps specifically developed for pH regulation, softening, and disinfection of drinking water, as well as pumps for chemical dosing in wastewater and cooling water treatment processes. We offer peristaltic and diaphragm pumps for precise chemical transfer, along with pumps dedicated to reverse osmosis (RO) systems. Our progressive cavity pumps excel in the efficient transfer of sludge, while our effluent sampling pumps facilitate the collection of representative samples.

Ingersoll Rand blowers and mixers provide effective wastewater aeration. Additionally, we provide pumps for industrial wastewater handling, filter press feed, dewatering of mining and construction sites, and condensate removal. Our cold plasma systems are specifically designed for oxygenation and disinfection. 

Within the water and wastewater industry, we serve diverse market sub-segments. These include water treatment within industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential sectors, covering processes such as purification, filtration, and disinfection. We also contribute to wastewater treatment in various settings, including industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential applications. Our involvement extends to water sampling, monitoring, sensing, control, and testing, promoting accurate analysis and management of water quality. Furthermore, we support water infrastructure construction and maintenance, encompassing mains, basins, sewers, tanks, and inspection processes. Additionally, we offer solutions for dewatering applications, aiding in the removal of water from construction sites or other areas where excess water poses a challenge. Lastly, we contribute to the field of desalination, enabling the conversion of seawater into freshwater.