Grow Sustainably


Grow Sustainably encompasses two clear and compelling growth paths:

Products and Services:  Innovative development of intrinsically sustainable products that deliver efficiency, circularity and safety to customers across all markets and regions. In 2022, we introduced our DfS process for new product introductions. This will help us launch new products that continue to meet our customers’ efficiency, circularity and safety needs. In fact, in 2022, over 100 new products were launched with sustainable attributes.

The demand for sustainable products is rapidly increasing, and we are already experiencing significant growth in this area. Looking ahead, we anticipate that sustainable products will contribute over 25% of our total revenue by 2030.

Markets:  Supporting customers in high-growth, sustainable markets such as food, life science, water and clean energy. Our distinctive advantage lies in our vertical strategy, which focuses on promising growth markets with significant potential for value creation and enduring resilience throughout economic cycles. Additionally, our ability to proactively identify and acquire companies operating within these market ecosystems further strengthens our position for success.